Who we are

A companion providing support and consultations in matters related to the accurate interpretation and implementation of various legal provisions

The name of the law office NOVIUS is made up of the two words – NOVI and IUS, which in Latin mean TO KNOW THE LAW. A profound knowledge of law is at the basis of the successful operation of a law office, especially if it comes hand in hand with a professional perspective, responsible actions, confidential disposition and unique solutions. The main qualities of NOVIUS are professional activity, an honest and responsible attitude towards the client, and modern solutions. The law office has assembled professionals of the field with experience in jurisprudence to ensure high quality consultations and excellent results.

The law office’s main areas of activity are commercial law, contractual law, real estate related matters and various types of legal proceedings (civil, criminal and administrative cases). By specialising in certain areas, going into detail, having knowledge of the latest studies and experiences in the world, we have managed to find unconventional solutions and gain success. Our clients highly value this and recommend NOVIUS to their cooperation partners.


The law office NOVIUS is building its activity on truths that have been proven and have survived over the course of thousands of years. Traditional values alongside modern innovations, new and unique methods, work approach and relationship building skills allows us to achieve more lawful results. This is our road to a convincing and stable performance.

Every client is very special and unique to the law office NOVIUS, therefore we address each issue very individually. The law office NOVIUS does everything possible to give their clients useful consultations and solutions. We realise how important every person’s rights, options, truth and freedom are, therefore we are very responsible towards both facts and emotions and other external factors.

NOVIUS activity is orientated towards several important areas of law, ensuring services in the following groups of expertise:

Administrative cases
Labour law
Financial and bank law
Family law
Investment attraction to enterprises
Legal and financial audit
Commercial law
Criminal cases
Inheritance law
Real estate
Public procurements and PPP
Restructuring and insolvency
Settlement of disputes
Merging and acquisition of enterprises
Aviation law
International law

Clients who choose NOVIUS services in the long term and recommend them to their cooperation partners, friends and family demonstrate the quality of the law office NOVIUS. It is a chance to trust in somebody and get comprehensive support from a law office. Therefore, enterprises and people who think about development and expect a convincing performance, choose NOVIUS.

Our vision

Professional perspective

Steady professional growth, studies and practical experience help to continuously increase the quality of our services.

Excellent result

Only by inquiring into the individual needs of each client is it possible to find a way to achieve an excellent result. And the result speaks for our professionalism.


Confidence, discretion and trust allows us to create a reliable long-term cooperation with our clients, which we value very highly.


We are thankful for an environment and a society in which we can realise our ambitions, therefore we feel deep respect and a responsibility for preserving the environment.